New guidelines for commercial bird breeders

Posted: Januari 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

New guidelines for commercial bird breeders

KUANTAN April 16 – A committee has been set up to draft a new guideline for commercial breeders of ‘burung walit’ (birds from the swallow family whose nests are used in soup), the State Legislative Assembly was told.

Deputy Menteri Besar Datuk Tan Mohd Aminuddin Ishak said the committee comprised the Housing and Local Government Ministry, Wildlife Department, Department of Environment, Health Department and Veterinary Services Department.

Local Authorities can mete out fines of not more than RM1,000, or jail, under Section 74 of the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) and send notices to the premises that breached regulations under Section 82 of the same Act.

“The Veterinary Services Department is the main agency controlling the birds’ nest industry,” he said today.

He was responding to a question from Hoh Khai Mun (BN-Bilut) on government action against those who flout regulations and cause pollution and disease.

“Its nest also had nutritional values and were the main ingredient in the making of bird’s nest soup,” Tan Mohd said.

He said those wanting to rear these birds must obtain consent from the local authorities and ensure their farm was at least 100 metre from houses and business premises.

This was to avoid noise that could disrupt the neighbourhood and cause pollution.

In answering Leong Ngah Ngah’s (DAP-Triang) question, on the number of licences issued for this purpose, he said the was no application so far.


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